Exercise and Chelation Therapy

When contemplating becoming more physically active, don’t psyche yourself out by assuming you need to be training for a marathon in order for the effort to be worthwhile. This mind set will no doubt leave you thinking, “I can’t do it, It’s too hard, so what’s the use?” Instead think, “Something is better than nothing and I’ve got to start somewhere. Now, what do I like to do that gets me up and moving?”

If nothing comes to mind immediately or easily, maybe it’s time for you to challenge yourself to develop a new pastime, activity or hobby. Surely there is some kind of activity that you once thought that you would like to try doing, “If only I had the time.” Maybe now you have the time, so bye bye to that impediment/excuse, which then begs the question, “So what are you waiting for?!” You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you have, relatively quickly, developed a new interest along with some welcome health benefits.

Cardio Renew’s Chelation Foundation pack provides the initial cleansing most people call for, which increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the entire body. With the increased circulation comes many secondary benefits (normalizing blood pressure, normalizing cholesterol levels, increasing energy levels, etc.). However, because everyone is different, the benefits that one person receives may differ from another person. How well a person follows the program, along with body chemistry, greatly influences the end result(s).