What is Chelation Therapy

What is Chelation Therapy and how can it benefit your circulation and well being?

EDTA Chelation therapy is approved for the removal of excess metals and minerals from the body, it does this by binding the toxins in the bloodstream by means of a solution which circulates throughout the arterial system and passing the waste material through the urine, it can be taken orally or intravenously. Also known as Heavy Metal Chelation.

It is widely used as a complimentary therapy for cleansing the arterial system of calcium plaque build up (plaque being mineral based) in hardened arteries and especially smaller arteries/veins not normally accessible by surgery.

The IV drip method of Chelation Therapy takes around three hours per session by a practitioner and 30 sessions are generallyWhat is Chelation Therapy required for a standard cleanse.

Today Chelation Therapy is also available in different forms including  suppositories, pills and capsules. Oral Liquid Chelation EDTA has the highest absorption rate  of these with a rate of up to 95%, this method is the most comparable to the IV Chelation drip method.

All Chelators are generally considered to be a remover of heavy metals, but are also used to reverse the effects of arterial plaque, in fact it has been used for this for over 50 years.

There are many benefits in EDTA Chelation Therapy apart from increasing blood circulation and helping to prevent strokes, heart attacks and arterial damage. Many people suddenly realize that after taking Cardio Renew EDTA that there are other improvements in their life, indeed the circulatory system is responsible for many ailments, which is why it’s imperative to have optimal blood flow throughout your body.

The success of Chelation Therapy is due to how a formula is either mixed in the practitioners office or manufactured as a pill, suppository or liquid. The key importance is absorption rate, some manufacturers use EDTA with added calcium however calcium should NOT be added to EDTA as excess calcium plaque is the very substance you are trying to reduce. Some practitioners and manufacturers however with limited knowledge of Chelation Therapy continue to add Calcium to their products which in effect nullifies the treatment.

The most beneficial EDTA for circulatory disorders is Disodium EDTA as used in the official trials and NOT Calcium Disodium EDTA. You can read more about the TACT Trial results here.

What is Chelation Therapy Absorption Rates

Absorption disorders

In pill or capsule form what is the absorption rate of Chelation products? At best the absorption rate of any type of pills or capsules is around 20%, studies have shown that the pill absorption rate is actually anything between 2% and 20%.

In suppository form what is the absorption rates? – The suppository method of application can have up to 95% absorption, the same as oral liquid EDTA but the main drawback is the uncomfort and many reports have suggested a burning sensation during application, not very pleasant.

What is Chelation Therapy Absorption Rate of EDTA Liquid ?

The absorption rate of Oral Chelation liquid is up to 95%, with this in mind you would have to take a lot more EDTA pills over a longer period of time to equal the absorption rate of liquid. Pills and capsules may seem cheaper at first but to get anywhere near the same absorption rate of EDTA liquid it works out a lot more expensive over a longer period, as the old adaje says, you get what you pay for!

In the IV Chelation what is the absorption rate?

IV Chelation Therapy has an absorption rate of 100%, simply because it is injected directly into the vein, however the costs are prohibitive and practitioners in Europe are few, this together with the inconvenience of a lengthy course at a specialist clinic compared to the Oral Liquid Chelation taken in the home makes it not practical for most people.

More and more doctors are eventually turning to alternative medicines such as Chelation therapy to help heart patients in staying healthy and at best avoiding surgery. It is also interesting to learn that according to a study in 2011 that 76 percent of Health care workers are using complimentary and alternative medicine for themselves against only 63 percent of the general working public, what does this tell you?

Oral Chelation Therapy can help to reverse the effects of arterial blockage in the time leading up to surgery, after surgery, or in between surgeries.

Again, No Calcium should be added because Chelation liquid is taken to remove calcium plaque in the arteries and also in the tissue where it does not belong. If Calcium is added then the Chelation formula simply becomes as any other chelators and will only remove heavy metals.

What is Chelation Therapy in Liquid Form

Liquid Oral Chelation Therapy is the most inexpensive and effective form of Chelation treatment available today. It is taken orally and can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

The liquid is mixed with the patient’s drinking water or juice, mineral free liquid is best, it is easily absorbed by the patient’s body. Unlike Chelation treatments involving IV drip or suppository, which can last around six months, learn more about Cardio Renew liquid EDTA for a system cleanse here https://cardiorenew-europe.com

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