EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonial

My Story about Cardio Renew EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonial

My name is Iain, I am a British citizen residing in Europe.

I had a minor stroke in 2008 caused by a small piece of plaque breaking off in the left Carotid Artery, probably caused by years of drinking and smoking and not being selective when it came to various foods. It was a frightning experience by not knowing what the outcome would be and as you can imagine compounded by being in a foreign country.

At the time I was residing in Spain, I learned from the Hospital in Malaga that before they would operate on a Carotid Artery it had to be over 85% blocked, to me that seemed totally ridiculous and as I had only a small blockage an operation to remove it was out of the question, I now know that this is the standard.

Luckily this minor stroke did not leave me disabled in any way but the left side of my body was affected in that it felt slow and heavy and my grasp was weak, I was told that recovery varied from person to person, so basically it was up to me. On leaving Hospital I decided to seek an alternative way of removing this plaque before it advanced further.

I trawled the internet and spoke to many people as I learned about Chelation Therapy, there are a lot of products out there, many with over the top claims to justify their inflated price and others (I know now) that simply cannot work because of absorption issues and added calcium. I finally decided on Cardio Renew, mainly because it is the only formula that is 100%  Ethylene-diamine-tetraacetic-acid (try and say that even without a drink!) and it is only this that is responsible for the chelation process, any other additions were just fillers that diluted the substance, it made sense so I ordered it.

Did it Work?

Well, bearing in mind that I only had a small amount of plaque in the Carotid Artery what difference could I expect to see? I can say that a couple of weeks into the course I definitely felt more alert and my circulation greatly improved, I also noticed that my left side seemed more responsive, this could have been the natural recovery process after the stroke but I did feel a lot better in myself.  Since this time I have had another doppler/scan and there is no sign of any plaque or blockage. So for me, yes I definitely benefited from Cardio Renew.


Having had this personal experience I decided that more people should know about Chelation Therapy and it should be readily available in Europe.

Back then Cardio Renew had to be ordered from the USA, there was a 6 week wait for it to arrive, the process was long and complicated involving expensive postal services and customs clearance duties and at the end of the day there would be no guarantee that I would received the goods anyway.

I contacted Cardio Renew USA about distribution and was lucky enough to secure the distribution rights for all of Europe. Yes I have a vested interest in Cardio Renew but only because I proved it to myself that it really worked for me back in 2008 and this is the only reason I decided to write this EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonial.

Thank you for your interest in my personal experience of Cardio Renew Chelation Therapy.

Cardio Renew Europe