Videos on Chelation Therapy

Cardio Renew Oral EDTA Chelation

Videos on Chelation Therapy

Dr Pierre Angier talks about the Tact Trials

Dr Angier simplifies and condenses the Tact Trial results now that the dust has settled.

Results of the Tact Trial on EDTA Chelation Therapy

Los Angeles, CA: Chelation therapy for heart and vascular disease is an exciting but controversial alternative therapy that has been shown to be safe and statistically effective by TACT (the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy).

The study found that chelation reduced deaths from heart attacks by 18% and by over 39% for diabetics. Mainstream medicine did all it could to sink this study but couldn’t. The study’s outcome are favorable for Chelation Therapy, the results speak for themselves.

Dr Allan Magaziner – TACT 2 Trials

Dr. Allan Magaziner Discusses Chelation Therapy and TACT2 Trial on on Channel 6 News

Dr Neil Raff

Dr Neil Raff explains the Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy and why it is the approved treatment for heavy metal poisoning.