Smoking and Chelation Treatment

When it comes to the health risks of smoking we automatically think about the lungs and all the damage the tar and numerous chemicals can do, this is only natural as we can hear the wheezing and feel the cough getting worse. But did you know that smoking related circulatory disease is responsible for more deaths than lung cancer, it’s what we can’t see that’s dangerous!

So, does smoking clog or block your arteries?
Well, smoking is one of the factors that actually damage the interior walls of the arteries. Smoking over time weakens the epithelium which makes it more vulnerable to wear and tear, so yes, there does exist a link between smoking and blocked arteries. Our blood vessels are the plumbing system which carries blood throughout our bodies and the inside of the vessel is coated with a slippery layer of cells which ensures smooth blood flow.

The chemicals in cigarettes including carbon monoxide damages this layer of cells which allows plaque and fat to stick to the blood vessel walls, this in turn narrows and restricts the arteries.

So, how long before the coronary arteries become 100% blocked?
When it happens it’s called a HEART ATTACK!

How long before the Carotid arteries which supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain become 100% blocked?
When that happens its called a STROKE!

Now this damage is not just happening to the vessels that supply the brain and heart with blood but to every vessel in a smokers body meaning blocked arteries through a build up of plaque and a lack of oxygen rich blood.

So how can EDTA Chelation help Smokers and Ex Smokers?
EDTA breaks down the calcium that forms plaque in your arteries and thus allowing oxygen rich blood to circulate more freely. It also removes toxic heavy metals from the bloodstream. A smoker carries much higher levels of heavy metals in their system, especially Cadmium, Nickel, Arsenic and radioactive Polonium, when compared to non-smokers.

There is no doubt about it that it is much better if you give up smoking when starting a Chelation course, Chelation removes the toxins where smoking puts them in, so the effect will not be as great as someone who has given up the weed, alas for many people this is easier said than done.

So while not essential to give up smoking before chelation keep in mind that smokers can go through more intense detoxification reactions when they start with their chelation treatments.