Does Inactivity Cause Diabetes?

Being unhealthy either overweight or inactive does not mean you are guaranteed to get diabetes someday, this is a common misconception. Diabetes can happen to anyone and not always does it happen to those at high risk.

We have no real knowledge of why it occurs in one person and not in another. To rephrase this, doctors cannot say that one will for surely get diabetes and say that another person will not. Watching for symptoms and living a healthy lifestyle is important to warding off this deadly disease. Also it is important to increase your knowledge so that you are aware of the effects diabetes can have on your life or the lives of your loved ones if it does occur.

This is not to say that obesity does not lead to diabetes. Living an unhealthy lifestyle i.e. smoking, overindulgence, and inactivity can be a direct result to this deadly disease. It is important to eat healthy and to consider portion control in every meal. Meals high in whole grains, vegetables and fruit are as important for diabetics as they are for everyone else. Exercising daily is also important, doing simple things like dancing with your kids, parking far away from the entrance, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator can greatly increase your physical activity. Every little bit counts and by making some small adjustments to your routine everyday can be fun rather than a chore.