Chelation Therapy Testimonials

EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Hi everyone, my name is Iain and I own the distribution rights of Cardio Renew in Europe, initially I did NOT take on this distributorship as a business, I did it because of my personal experience with Cardio Renew back in 2008, you can read my story here

We receive a lot of customer stories and testimonials of how Chelation Therapy is helping peoples health in different ways, here are just a few.

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I must make a review on the EDTA cardio renew product. It is wonderful! I believe that I have been using it for 6 to 7 years and it truly works. It is easy to take and affordable. My heart health is worth this cost.

Seven years ago I had triple bypass and the next year the doctors wanted to amputate my right leg because of vascular disease. I wouldn’t let them! I will continue to use this product and believe it is holding my condition at bay, in fact, healing my arteries and clearing out plaque. ( I did the urine test and it shows dissolved plaque every time.

Recently, I tried a new cream EDTA for two months and my claudation pain began returning so went back to the best treatment and that is your Cardio Renew! I can not praise it enough or thank you enough for this life saving product. After two weeks back on Cardio Renew, my pain has gone away!
Peggy S.

I just completed the 6 week course. I walk every morning. At the same time I started my course of cardio renew I started running briefly on my tread mill. I had chest pressure for about 8 months nothing I did helped me…. I even went to the hospital they couldn’t help me. So 3 weeks into the program I felt great…. I feel normal again. I haven’t felt normal in over one year…… I am an over weight diabetic…….. I will be doing maint. program in couple weeks…. Thank you
Donald R.

I am a 55 year old woman who has taken many steps to retain & improve my health for decades, including regular exercise, weight control, top research & dietary supplements & advanced chiropractic care. I almost always feel well & rarely have symptoms of illness & yet a routine Carotid (veins in the neck leading to the brain) ultrasound test, Feb. 2007, revealed I had 45-50% plaque blockage in my left carotid vein & 25-30% in my right vein…. I was not only shocked but frightened!

I am grateful my remarkably advanced Chiropractic Dr. recommended I immediately start taking CardioRenew oral Chelation drops to deplaque my body. I took the standard 6 wk program, Spring 07 & repeated this 6 wk plan, Spring 2008.

This is the only change I made in my life healthwise from Feb. 07 through April 08. I repeated my Carotid ultrasound test & discovered the plaque reduction to be remarkably dramatic & miraculous!..

My left carotid vein which had been 45-50% blocked in 07 is now 5-10% blocked & my right vein which was 25-30% blkd shows 0% blockage as of April 2008! The Radiologist’s report, 4-08, says, “No evidence of internal carotid artery stenosis” (blockage)! And if this is not impressive enough, my father sadly died of a massive heart attack, with 90-95% heart vein blockage at only 72 yrs of age, therefore I decided to have (5-08) a heart CT Scan, (detailed x-ray) to ck the % of calcium deposits present in my heart, (the higher the % of cal. the higher the % of plaque..).

This test result came back showing I have 0% calcium deposits in my heart veins! A remarkably low score for someone my age! CardioRenew is easy to take & deplaques the entire body safely, painlessly & symptom free.

Thanks to your product my cardiovascular system is now in excellent condition & I have every reason to believe I will be able to control the future condition of this crucial system with periodic doses of CardioRenew’s Chelation drops! Thank you & keep up your profound work to educate the public about the non-invasive way to greatly improve our health by deplaquing our cardiovascular systems.
Sharon H. B.

I’m using your product and mid-way through a 6-month course. It appears to be working, and I’m very impressed (or is that relieved!).

My BP seems to have dropped from 148/120 (max) to around 125/89 and still falling. I’m also noticeably not out of breath anything like I used to be. This is really noticeable while cycling, where I used to gasp and reach full oxygen debt, I can now just keep going relatively comfortably. Thank you for probably adding 15 years back onto my life!?
Alan C.

I just returned from the doctor after taking this product for two months. I am 58 and for 3 years I’ve had a partialy blocked carotoid left artery and blood pressure hovering between 130 and 150/90. The doctor recently ordered a MRI and MRA which showed NO blockage and my blood pressure was 116/70!! The ONLY thing I’ve been doing differently is taking the EDTA. Also, the tingling and numbness in my toes has nearly disappeared. Thanks for a great product worth every penny!
Christine J.

Hello again Iain. I can actually confirm that having finished the foundation course 10 days ago, I have now noticed during the past week  a definite IMPROVEMENT in my ability to take a walk and breathe without pain in my chest, even in the cold wintry weather we’re experiencing in East Anglia at present!

I have been on the CR MULTI VIT/MIN supplement during these 10 days and now want to go to the MAXIMUM MAINTENANCE programme.
Dagmar  P.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your product is great. I had a stress test about 4 years ago and my doctor said then that there was a small place that showed some blockage up by my heart but he wasn’t real concerned about it at that time. I was having some pains in my chests this year again so we did another stress test and now it was showing more blockage, so now he wanted to do a heart cath. I told him I would have the cath done but if it wouldn’t hurt anything by waiting 6 weeks, I would like to try your Chelation. He said I could, but it wouldn’t do anything.

So after your 6 week program I went yesterday to have my heart catheterization. Low and behold there was absolutely no blockage whatsoever. He said the prior stress tests must have been false positives! Haa haa, yea right. I am going to be ordering more Cardio Renew shortly and stay on your Maintenance Program. Thanks so much for your great product. I really think it kept me from having angioplasty done or having to have a stent put in.Thanks again!
Kerry D.

I wanted to send a quick update. I went back for my checkup. Before, I had major blockage in my arteries and problems with blood flowing to the bottom of my heart. After 4 weeks on Cardio Renew, they found no major problems and now I am getting blood flow to my heart. I am thanking God and Cardio Renew.
Don W.

Dear Sirs I was in constant pain, left arm and shortness of breath. I’ve just finished my forth week, The pain in my left arm is gone and I’m doing well at my job. I feel strong again. I’m lucky to have found your company. Thanks!
Dan P.

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