Maintenance Schedule EDTA Chelation

Cardio Renew Maintenance Schedule EDTA Chelation.

It is important once you have completed a Chelation course to be pro-active with your health and make EDTA part of your regular health regime. There are 3 levels of the maintenance schedule EDTA Chelation.

  • Minimum: Take 1 dose of Cardio Renew 3 days per week.
  • Standard: Take 1 dose of Cardio Renew 7 days per week.
  • Maximum: Take 2 doses of Cardio Renew 7 days per week.

1 dose is 14 drops mixed with water/juice.

As a guide 1 bottle of Cardio Renew will cover 6 months of maintenance for the minimum level above, 2 bottles 12 months.

Maintenance System Guidelines

You must wait 1 hour between each serving. Servings can be taken once every hour or spread throughout the day.

Always wait 3 hours after taking any medication before taking Cardio Renew. Wait 2 hours after taking other Supplements.

Wait 1 hour after taking a serving of Cardio Renew before taking any medications, supplements or eating food.

Take servings on an empty stomach. When possible, wait 1-2 hours after eating a complete meal – for snacks wait 30 minutes.

During the Maintenance Program you can resume your regular Supplement routine. We recommend taking a daily Multi-Vitamin / Mineral supplement during a Maintenance Course.

Store bottles at room temperature – shelf life is 2 years.