If EDTA Chelation Therapy is as safe and effective as many studies and hundreds of alternative therapists make out why haven’t I heard more about it?

That is a very good question and understandably asked by many people who have just discovered EDTA Chelation Therapy. Many heart specialists and surgeons have never even heard about EDTA Chelation Therapy and even if they had they would be reluctant to subscribe it to their patients as it is not yet approved for atherosclerosis and artery blockage problems, it is approved however for treating heavy metal poisoning.


Mostly those people who are sceptical about EDTA Chelation Therapy are those who have never used it, they remain ignorant and uninformed about the countless hours of research that has been completed as to the safety of EDTA and indeed how effective it is in treating atherosclerosis and many circulation disorders. The mainstream medical profession is indoctrinated through  training at medical school to use other therapeutic procedures, such as vascular surgery and stent placement as a means of income to the health industry. If only they would research the true proven facts of Chelation Therapy for themselves then many medical procedures could be avoided. Of course In the defence of mainstream medicine Doctors these day are far too busy and overworked to do research.

Here is a Common Questions Asked About EDTA Chelation Therapy.

Is Chelation Therapy suitable for me?

Theres only you that can make that decision but please be aware that EDTA has been proven through research and clinical trials to be extremely safe, even safer than taking an Aspirin!

You should be aware that Chelation may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant or lactating women should not take EDTA, neither should those who have been diagnosed with liver of kidney disease. This is because the excess/waste material is dissolved and passed through the urine which could cause extra stress for a diseased kidney, for a normal healthy kidney this is no problem.

The unfortunate truth is that your doctor will probably not help you decide. Those who choose to try Chelation therapy generally do so against the advice of their GP or Cardiologists and yet they cannot suggest an alternative against surgery. Many of our clients have already been advised to have vascular surgery before seeking an alternative..

In many cases a person never hears anything about Chelation therapy until they are hospitalised and a friend or relative begs them to look into non invasive therapies before going ahead with surgery. We also hear instances where patients have had one or more failed bypass operations only to find help and success after Chelation Therapy.

In 2002 the National Institutes of Health started a massive study on EDTA Chelation Therapy, the study was called TACT and it proved that this treatment did reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart problems. The trial also found out that Chelation Therapy seemed to have a greater effect on those with diabetes. As a result another trial has been arranged and is due for completion in the year 2021.

Note: The type of EDTA used in the TACT trials is the same as Cardio Renew, that is disodium EDTA and NOT calcium disodium EDTA which is wrongly taken by some and marketed by some companies for artery blockage. You can monitor any progress with the new TACT 2 trials on the official website here  https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/study/NCT02733185

Cardio Renew liquid EDTA is available throughout Europe and the UK www.cardiorenew-europe.com