What To Do After Chelation Therapy

What happens if you take Chelation therapy and your chest pain disappears, you are able to walk up a mountain and you feel wonderful, as far as you’re concerned, you’re cured (NOT)

So what will happens if you do nothing after Chelation therapy? Well, surely and slowly the disease process will return.

Understand that Chelation therapy is not a cure but neither is the placing of stents or a heart bypass. EDTA Chelation backs out disease very well, it opens blocked blood vessels and restores circulation, but there is no cure.

So what should you do after Chelation Therapy?

You must pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly, if you do smoke you should really try to quit, you should also start a regular supplement regime which includes Cardio Renew’s maintenance system.

If you don’t make these very important basic changes which control the disease, then surely the disease process will settle back in upon you at some point in the future.

Many of our customers already have stents and they are achieving great results. Cardio Renew It can cleanse the arteries of current mineral based build up and help prevent from future build up (and therefore additional stents). Chelation can also assist in keeping any current stents clean.