Some other benefits of Chelation Therapy?

Most people take Cardio Renew to increase circulation and to help clear blocked arteries, some also take it for heavy metal

improve circulation
Cardio Renew EDTA can improve circulation throughout the whole circulatory system

poisoning, however many people experience improvement in other health issues when taking Cardio Renew.

This is because calcification is an ongoing process and Chelation therapy not only helps to reduce calcium deposits but also to increase blood flow throughout the entire circulatory system and many health problems are related to poor circulation.

There are many benefits from Chelation therapy, to name a few are as follows.

Reduced symptoms of diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Diabetic gangrene, Cirrhosis, Varicose veins, Osteoporosis, penile function, relief from arthritic pain and many other health problems related to reduced blood flow.

Certain Herbs and Spices are also a great way to improve your circulation, these are;


Cayenne has been used medicinally for thousands of years, the primary chemical found in cayenne and responsible for its powerful properties is capsaicin. Studies show that cayenne is beneficial for treating poor circulation because of its ability to increase proper blood flow throughout the body.


Hawthorn is a plant that was used in the 1800’s by physicians to treat circulatory disorders. Hawthorn contains powerful antioxidants that prevent cell membrane damage and the destruction of veins. Antioxidants found in hawthorn have been shown to increase circulation by dilating blood vessels, improving proper blood flow and protecting the blood vessels from damage.

Ginko Biloba

Ginko biloba remains one of the most trusted herbs and is used for a wide variety of conditions, most importantly poor circulation. Ginko improves blood flow and relieves symptoms in people suffering from claudication, a disorder caused by clogged arteries. Overall, ginko appears to be safe and well tolerated, 80 to 240 milligrams is considered to be an effective dosage taken orally in two to three divided doses.


Ginger has been used for nearly 2000 years to treat a variety of conditions. New research suggests that ginger may help prevent blood clots and support proper blood flow in individuals suffering from poor circulation.