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Thank you! This has been a blessing for me. With extremely high blood pressure I felt I was ready for a heart attack or stroke- maybe both. I started the EDTA program and took the maximum plus amount for the first four weeks. The only side effect I got was my blood pressure started coming down after the second day. I was checking my blood pressure 15 to 20 times daily. THIS WAS FROM BEING SCARED!

Six months later my blood pressure is 120 over 75 on average with more energy. This confirmed to me that we have to learn how to take care of ourselves unless we want drugs, surgery and possible serious side effects. The money I spent on Cardio Renew so far has been the best money I have ever spent in my-LIFE TIME. I have done two six week foundation programs two weeks apart because of my neck and lower back pain and stiffness. Cardio Renew has helped more than all the chiropractors I have seen in the last six years. I feel that the calcium deposits were not showing up on the x-rays. Cardio Renew has done more than they said it would do and they answered all my questions like I was a real person. THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO CARE!
Bob H.

I really want to thank you for this product. After using it for almost 6 weeks, the difference is remarkable! I originally started therapy because I was having chest pains on a daily basis and was also experiencing tingling in my extremities. Often I would wake up after a bad night’s sleep with arms completely numb and was also starting to have moments of labored breathing and sweating. Thinking you might keel over at anytime is not any way to live, let me tell you! After using Cardio Renew for less than a week, ALL of these symptoms lessened considerably and after two weeks, had disappeared completely! When I had started Cardio renew, I was, quite literally, in fear for my life. Thanks to the 6 week program, I feel like a different person and have recommended it to everyone I know.
Ron M.

I have been on Cardio Renew for 5 days and I want to say to the skeptics that this really works, at first I was thinking is this another one of those scams, but I kept on taking the product and my legs feel great, each day I walk a little better, also I notice I sleep better at night each night I wake up a little less. Then on the fourth night I was amazed I slept 8 hours with out waking up and sitting on the side of my bed due to leg pains or stiffness. I can’t wait now for each day to come to see how I will feel.

I found I had to take twelve drops each time instead of 14, and I had to space the time I took it further apart like 3-4 hours in between, but this stuff is great! I wanted to say also my breathing is clearer, my lung congestion is gone in 5 days, also I walk so fast now, I have to slow down. I use to limp out of my house up a few stairs to my car, but now I feel like running, I am so happy you will hear from me often. Again Thanks to Jehovah God first, then to Cardio Renew!!!!!
Glenda C.

I figured I was on my deathbed when I talked to you about Cardio Renew and figured I had nothing to lose, maybe allot to gain, by trying it.

I went to my doctor who referred me to a heart specialist. I went in for a series of tests, which the physician did not share the results of, saying that I needed to be set up for an angiogram with the potential for angioplasty should a problem be found. I told him I’d read about EDTA, wanted to try it, he poo-pooed the idea and said surgery was necessary. Do that to me and I immediately launch into my “I’ll try it anyway before I do anything” mode. Knowing that roughly 1/4 million of these surgeries are performed each year unnecessarily, I tried the Cardio Renew with the promise to my family that if I didn’t feel better, I’d have the surgery done.

I got on the 6 week regimen and after the first week, my symptoms started to abate. I was pleased and cautious at the same time. I began to feel better and better. After the initial 6 weeks passed, I merrily went to another cardiologist for a second opinion. I told him I’d taken the Cardio Renew, I didn’t want surgery. He did not poo-poo EDTA, and put me through a barrage of tests again. Results were that he saw no signs of blockage at all, found that enough blood was getting to my heart, for someone my age, and turned me loose! I went to my car and cried for joy.

I thank you for making this wonderful product available to the general public… and I thank you from a clear heart! Blessings.
Marian S.

Yes, I wrote two months ago. I had a 5x elevated aluminum excretion in a 24 hour urine collection for heavy metals. I used your program for a little over five weeks, and a week later repeated the 24 hour urine. I lowered my aluminum to normal range. The 24 hour excretion before Cardiorenew was 160 micrograms; after Cardiorenew, 26 micrograms in 24 hours. Thank you!!
Dan H. MD

I was diagnosed with PAD and was finding it more and more difficult to walk and was sure I was headed towards a wheel chair. I’ve been on Cardio Renew for 3 1/2 weeks now and find this stuff nothing short of a miracle. I can WALK!!!!!! My legs are not yet 100% but I’m sure they will be soon. I’ve managed to avoid the procedures that the doctors wanted to do on me. None of them made any sense to me. They wouldn’t solve the problem and only temporarily relieve the symptoms, maybe. If my femoral arteries were clogged then surely other arteries must be clogged. This EDTA cleanses my whole body and not just a part. I am so grateful for this product and I feel blessed that I found my way to your website. Thank you! Thank you!
Wanda B.

After going through the basic program twice and then the maintenance for a few months, I, just yesterday, completed an entire physical and a complete cardio testing including echocardiograms, EKGs and the dreaded treadmill. Results were extradorinary. My calcified aortic valve, that had a year replacement timeframe, is clear and working fine. Carotid ateries are clear. My five “obstructions” have disappeared. All my bloodwork came back right on the mark. My MD and cardiologist were elated and the cardiologist said “You just can’t argue with proven results.
Evan R.

I have been using Cardio Renew for two years after two by-pass operations and just got a clearance from my heart doctor that I will not need a third by-pass. My heart is strong as a 30 year old and I am 68. My arthritis is gone and my hair is growing back fast. It seems that cleaning out all my arteries has given my body a chance to regenerate all organs. As a retired fraud investigator, your product is what it says. I could go on about all the benefits I have received but it would be too long of a letter. I have documentation on what it has done in all areas of my body. I strongly recommend your product to everyone even my doctors who are specialists. I am now using it for AMD, the dry type and if it did for my heart it should unplug the veins in my eye. My eye doctor told me keep using it because their is no cure for it. Thanks for all the information you have on your site so others can get it.
Earl M.

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