How Does Chelation Therapy Work?

We have seen that calcium passes through the damaged cell walls into the cells. If calcium gets deposited in arterial walls, it inhibits the enzyme activity which, in turn, affects the production of energy, the movement of raw material, finished products, and waste products from the cell. The cells become […]

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Diabetes and Chelation Therapy

Good News For Diabetics & EDTA Chelation Therapy The TACT trial for EDTA Chelation Therapy released the analysis this month regarding Diabetes and Chelation Therapy sub-group. “These are striking results for Diabetes and Chelation Therapy that, if supported by future research, could point the way towards new treatments to prevent […]

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Effectiveness of EDTA

Chelation Therapy helps to clear arteries of built up calcium plaque and remove heavy metals from the bloodstream, but how effective is it when taken orally? Please note this refers to EDTA in liquid form and NOT EDTA pills or capsules,  pills and capsules do not have the absorption rate […]

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