EDTA Chelation & Blocked Arteries

EDTA Chelation therapy has been used for years as one of the primary remedies for arthrosclerosis or clogged arteries. It works by permitting EDTA material to enter the arteries or veins by intravenous route. EDTA is really a chemical compound which is utilized to chelate or melt the build-ups or […]

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Chelation & Heavy Metal Poisoning

Oral chelation therapy is widely used for heavy metal detoxification. EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) is the most commonly used chelator for heavy metal detoxification. EDTA attaches itself to heavy metals and carries the metals from the body. EDTA is safe and FDA approved for treating lead poisoning and toxicity […]

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heavy metal poisoning and chelation therapy

Mercury Poisoning and Oral Chelation

Mercury is a poisonous neurotoxin commonly found in everyday sources from drinking water to bleached flour and cosmetics. Behind lead, mercury is the second most common metal toxin and both can pose great physical and mental health problems. Learning problems, developmental delays and behavioral problems are linked to lead, mercury […]

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