2 Bottles of Cardio Renew

This package is intended for Maintenance AFTER completing the 6 week Foundation Program. Do NOT order for initial cleaning. This one bottle will provide enough Cardio Renew for 6 months on the minimum maintenance dose program.

Cardio Renew Maintenance Schedule.

There are 3 levels of maintenance.

Minimum Level: Take 1 dose of Cardio Renew 3 days per week.

Standard Level: Take 1 dose of Cardio Renew 7 days per week.

Maximum Level: Take 2 doses of Cardio Renew 7 days per week.

1 dose is 14 drops mixed with water/juice.

As a guide 1 bottle of Cardio Renew will cover 6 months of maintenance for the minimum level above, 2 bottles 12 months.

During maintenance you can resume your regular supplement routine, we also recommend to take a daily Multi vitamin/mineral alongside the maintenance.

Weight150 g