EDTA Liquid Oral Chelation Safe and Effective

It is estimated that from 44 percent to 85 percent of coronary artery bypass surgery has been routinely performed without patients even meeting criteria for benefits. Furthermore, several reports in recent years have suggested that stents and artery opening angioplasty procedures were being overused in non-emergency cases, often without giving medicine alone a chance to work. Yet mainstream medicine consistently supports such flagrant abuses of surgery all the while ignoring EDTA chelation therapy. Even the American Medical Association admits that 44 percent of coronary artery bypass surgeries are done for inappropriate reasons.

Did you know that taking an oral chelation supplement is many times safer than taking an aspirin a day? The Journal of Chronic Disease reported back in 1963 that EDTA was approximately one third as toxic to the body as aspirin. However, that was before the effect of aspirin on a bleeding stomach was fully realized. Now, more than 40 years later, Dr. Gary Gordon, the leading authority on oral chelation, has declared EDTA 300 times safer than aspirin!

If oral EDTA were considered unsafe, then why has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it for use in foods that are enjoyed by everyone from our youngest babies to our oldest seniors? EDTA, first synthesized in Germany in 1935, is a simple amino acid, very similar in composition to common household vinegar.

EDTA so safely binds to harmful oxidizing transition metals in our foods that its widespread use is easily justified to stabilize fats, oils and vitamins, to keep potato products from turning brown, to keep fish and shellfish looking fresh in the supermarket, to maintain the flavor and consistency of milk products, and to protect canned vegetables, it can hardly be considered a health risk.