EDTA Chelation Therapy An Alternative Treatment For Clogged Arteries

If you or someone you know suffers from Cardio Vascular Disease you already know it is not a pleasant condition to endure but did you realise that EDTA Chelation Therapy an alternative treatment for clogged arteries can help relieve the symptoms? The truth of the matter is and what many people do not realise is that the condition is not just localised to the coronary arteries but also exists in other parts of the body such as the legs, the kidneys, the lungs and even the brain. This is where EDTA Chelation Therapy can help as it can treat the whole arterial system.

Atherosclerosis not only affects the larger arteries and vessels but also the smaller blood vessels an capillaries which have an equally important role to play most of which are too tiny for surgery. EDTA Chelation Therapy has been used for over 50 years as a relatively unknown successful alternative treatment for clogged arteries.

Chelation Therapy Alternative Treatment for clogged arteries

Not available in mainstream medicine although many believe it should be is an alternative treatment for clogged arteries. This is EDTA Chelation Therapy, EDTA removes plaque and restores blood flow throughout the entire arterial system including the tiny capillaries. Chelation Therapy is available by the intravenous method in some specialist clinics and also by oral means, the latter obviously being a lot more convenient and a fraction of the cost of IV. EDTA Chelation Therapy has been proven to be safe and effective and recent research suggests it may be the single most powerful treatment for Cardio Vascular Disease.

Chelation therapy has now been proven to be clinically significant and safe by the 8-year, $30 million government-funded national study called Trial to Assess EDTA Chelation Therapy

Traditional Way To Unblock Arteries

Stent From Angioplasty

The traditional way to open arteries is to fit an arterial stent which is basically a small expandable mesh tube which is inserted into the artery, when a small balloon is inserted into this mesh tube and inflated the mesh tube expands and squashes the plaque against the artery wall and thus restore blood flow for that area. This procedure does carry some risk as plaque can break off and enter the bloodstream which can lead to further complications, also plaque can return to the area within a year of treatment. This treatment can be most beneficial in an emergency where someone has just had a heart attack and the artery needs reopening immediately to save life. However this does not mean that it is the best course of treatment for everybody and there is an alternative treatment for clogged arteries.

Improve Blood Flow With EDTA Chelation Therapy

EDTA chelation therapy healthy artery and clogged artery
Left Healthy Artery Right Clogged Artery

Narrowing or hardening of the arteries is due to the build up of pathologic calcium and plaque, it is the primary cause of decreased circulation and lack of oxygen to our cells. EDTA chelation therapy is an alternative treatment for clogged arteries that can reverse heart disease in a cost effective way and avoid surgery. It improves the health of the arteries by removing calcium plaque and promoting the elasticity of the arteries which in turn improved circulation.

All in all Oral Chelation Therapy is a simple alternative treatment for clogged arteries that removes calcium deposits and other harmful minerals that contribute to atherosclerosis and blood clotting from you arteries, it is also approved and used for treating heavy metal toxicity, memory problems, heart disease, fatigue, circulation problems and many other problems that are related to the circulatory system.

EDTA Chelation Therapy has been shown to help the following conditions;

• Heavy metal toxicity
• CVD: Angina & chest pains, arrhythmias, heart attack and stroke
• Hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Fibromyalgia & autoimmune disorders
• Leg cramps and walking problems
• Hearing and vision loss
• Memory problems
• Diabetes
• Erectile dysfunction
• Poor circulation, cold feet & hands
• Shortness of breath
• Chronic fatigue

If you suffer from circulation problems you should consider Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy as an alternative treatment for clogged arteries. This list is not exhaustive by any means and any condition that relies on proper blood circulation can improve with EDTA Chelation Therapy.

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