The Absorption Rate Of Cardio Renew EDTA

What is the absorption of Oral EDTA? It can be so confusing reading different manufacturers claims as to why their product is the best, but let’s look at some basic absorption facts.

Should you go with EDTA Oral Chelation Liquid or Chelation Pills ?

There have been many studies, and the resounding answer is that the advantages of liquid oral chelation therapy outweigh a pill or capsule based chelation therapy.


Absorption Chart

One of the most referred to recommendations and statements is that found in the Physician’s Desk Reference, page 1542. In this widely used reference book, it is noted that only 5 -18% of nutrients that are taken in pill form actually end up in the human body’s cells.

This means that 80-95% of the nutrients are passed or excreted from the body when taking pills. Translate this into monetary terms and for every €100 spent on pills, approximately €90 ends up down the pan!

We are not just talking Chelation pills here but all types of pills, for this reason alone when it comes to any type of supplement if you have the choice of pills or liquid, go for the liquid/Softgel

In contrast, liquid forms of the same supplement, in this case liquid chelation, has an absorption rate of up to 98%.

Absorption of Oral EDTA in Liquid Form

So here is a sum up of the benefits of a Chelation Liquid.

Summary of advantages of Liquid Chelation Therapy:

  • Liquid absorption rate is up to 98%
  • Liquids are prepared utilizing fresh elements
  • Fewer doses are required to receive the same amount absorbed into the body
  • Liquids are easier to swallow, particularly for seniors
  • Liquid ingredients are not compressed, which would require additional digestion by the human body before being entered into the bloodstream
  • Liquids are quickly, if not immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in an immediate effect
  • Unlike pills, liquids are not powdered, which means that liquids do not require binders or fillers, which cause an additional delay in digestion, in other words, taking more time to enter the bloodstream
  • Liquids do not clog sewers, cesspools, or septic systems up to 98% of liquids are absorbed, while only 10% of pills are absorbed, leaving roughly 90% of pills ending up in our waste system

Summary of Chelation Pills Therapy:

  • Pills are hard to swallow for seniors
  • The absorption rate of chelation pills is, at best, 20% – in fact, studies have shown that the pill absorption rate is between 2 and 20% – very low
  • The digestion rate for pills takes (literally) hours, with a minimal effect
  • Pill ingredients can end up being powdered as long as one year after being collected or harvested
  • Powdered pill ingredients are compressed into pills using binders and fillers; these binders and fillers require additional digestion by the body to either break down the capsules or the ingredients
  • Binders and fillers can reduce the absorption rate and effectiveness of the ingredient(s


In conclusion the absorption of Oral EDTA in liquid form is much greater than pills and capsules. Cardio Renew in liquid form is available here.