Special Value 6 Plus Pack

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6 Bottles of Cardio Renew plus 2 Pouches of C & E Soft-Gels

This is the Special value pack of Cardio Renew Chelation Oral Therapy plus 2 pouches of  Vitamins C & E Soft-Gels – 6+2-300x300supplements for inflammation and chelation.

  • 100% Liquid EDTA (Sodium Based)
  • Each Serving = 450 mg (14 drops mixed with 2 oz of water)
  • Each Bottle = 30 grams EDTA ~ 1 Fl. oz. ~ 1000+ drops / 70+ Servings
  • All Bottles are the same size & contain the same EDTA Formula

C & E Soft-Gels

Each Soft-Gel = 500 mg of vitamin C & 400 IU of vitamin E
Take 1 Soft-Gel ~ 3 times Each Day ~ Preferably with Meals
These pouches contain 120 Soft-Gels
Store at Room Temperature

Do NOT use if you have Liver or Kidney disease or any condition affecting blood cells or the immune system. Do NOT use if you are Pregnant or Nursing. Cardio Renew is highly concentrated. You MUST mix Cardio Renew with 2 ounces of a mineral free liquid.

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, flush immediately with water if direct contact does occur. Because Cardio Renew’s EDTA formula is Sodium based, people that are extremely sensitive to Sodium (i.e. salt) should monitor their blood pressure during the Program. Cardio Renew is NOT intended for use by children.